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Thermal Process Safety, Plant Control Systems


Process development – Process safety – Scale-up


Controlled Lab Reactors

Thermal Process Safety

Plant Control Systems
FlexSys SysGraph FlexyCUBE FlexyPAT FlexyTSC Calo2310 FlexyPlant Automation

Automation Software in R&D
By chemists for chemists

Software applications for chemical development and thermal process safety

Automatic Laboratory Reactors
Success through concept

SYSTAG offers individual, cost-effective and user-friendly controls for synthesis reactors.

Thermal Process Safety
Safety through knowledge

Comprehensive solutions for integrated thermal safety inspections in the chemistry sector.

Process Automation
From gram to kilo

Solutions for kilo labs, pilot plants and specific problems in chemical process technology.

Download Your gateway to chemical process development SYSTAG

FlexyConcept provides comprehensive and consistent solutions for process development, from kilo labs to pilot plants as well as process safety inspections. Consistency in both software and hardware guarantees easy adjustments at all times.

FlexyConcept – your gain

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SYSTAG System Technik AG has been the preferred partner of the chemical industry since 1965, offering consistent solutions from development to piloting and process control technology.