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Controlled Lab Reactors

FlexyCUBE - for parallel process optimisation

Calo 2310
Automation in the
Chemical industry
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  • Minimum training requirements, high acceptance by personnel and fastest possible efficiency thanks to intuitive operation
  • Cost-effective thanks to possible integration of existing devices
  • Investment protection through continuous future-oriented development
Flexible automation for synthesis, kilo lab and mini plant

Flexibility through options
  • Several reactors can be operated from a single PC
  • Customised turn-key systems
  • The FlexyPAT concept facilitates the integration of existing customer-owned hardware. Not only does this reduce the cost but it also speeds up the automation process and increases user acceptance.
  • Simple and inexpensive system extension possible at all times
  • User-friendly system configuration through integrated sensor identification

  • Automatic distillation with reflux splitter
  • Pressure and vacuum measurement and control
  • Hydrogenation capabilities
  • Isothermal heat flow calorimetry
  • Automatic distillation with boiling point detection
  • Automatic establishing of solubility curves
  • Isothermal heat flow calorimetry
  • Possibility to integrate online sensors (turbidity measurement, midIR FTIR, particle size measuring instruments, etc.)
  • GLP and CFR21 part 11, IQ/OQ on request
Standard functions
  • Gravimetric or volumetric dosing
  • Temperature control of jacket and reactor
  • Stirrer control including speed and torque measurements
  • pH measurements
  • Manual and recipe controls
  • Data capture and automatic laboratory repor