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Calo2310 – Heat flow and heat balance calorimeter

Calo 2310
Automation in the
Chemical industry
The «all-in-one» reaction calorimeter Download Flyer
  • Combined heat flow and heat balance reaction calorimeter – enhances the reliability of your results
  • Independent of heat transfer coefficient and thus calibration-free (HBC)
  • Automated «Zero Watt» technology – eliminates the baseline
Calo2310 for reaction calorimetry without compromises

Flexibility through options
  • Combined heat flow and heat balance calorimeter with quasi-integrated independent cooperative test brings together the advantages of both calorimetry methods.
  • Automated «Zero Watt» technology eliminates insecurities regarding the baseline, even for highly complex reaction mechanisms.
  • Model-based reaction calorimeter for non-isothermal reaction control right through to reflux.
  • Evaluation calculation independent of thermostat, even if cooling power is insufficient.
  • Highly process-oriented reaction control enables true scale-up or scale-down for all types of reactors.
  • Various reactor sizes and shapes
  • pH measurements and control
  • Volumetric dosing by injection pump
  • Pressure and vacuum control
  • Gas dosing / hydrogenation
  • Process gas measurement with optional gas-flow-meter FM4
  • Automatic distillation with continuous mass balance
Basic functionality
Key data (depending on model)
  • Isothermal and non-isothermal reaction control
  • Isoperibol reaction control
  • Adiabatic reaction control
  • Continuous evaluation right through to reflux
  • Gravimetric as well as manual dosing, even of solids, always temperature-compensated
  • Automatic cp-determination
  • Constant overall heat balance in the reactor and reflux condenser
  • Automatic «Zero Watt» technology .
  • Temperature range from -80°C to +300°C (depending on option)
  • Temperature resolution TR, TJ, dTRJ, dTC 0.4 mK
  • Sensitivity 100 mW
  • Dynamic reactor > 1000 W
  • Dynamic reflux > 500 W
  • Compensation of water equivalents throughout the whole temperature range
  • Kinetic step response 10% - 90% < 90s