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Thermal Process Safety - Thermal Analysis

Automation in the Chemical Industry - Engineering and implementation of process control systems

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Automation in the
Chemical industry

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  • FlexySys is an automation concept developed specifically for chemical process research
  • The FlexySys process control system combines the flexibility of manual operation with the safety, reliability and reproducibility of a recipe-controlled plant
  • Also suitable for special problem situations in chemical process technology, e.g. polymerisation, hydrogenation and the thermal separation of substances
Sophisticated solutions for process automation in the chemical industry

Our achievements
Realized Projects
  • Engineering bases and preliminary Studies
  • Recipe controls for chemical Production
  • Data banks / management of process data and long-term archiving
  • Visualisation of installation conditions
  • Material tracking and personnel Identification
  • Networking of control levels, process system levels and product monitoring
  • PLC programming, real time recording
  • Development of electronic hardware, design and testing of prototypes
  • Registration for quality control
  • Support for qualification and validation of systems used (FDA approval)


  • Process Control Systems

    • Textile dyestuff
    • Pharmaceutical bulk production
    • In-process analysis laboratory

    Pilot Installations

    • Polymer chemistry
    • Dyestuff chemistry
    • Photo chemistry
    • Energy saving crystallisation procedure

    Logistics and Information

    • Material flow and monitoring
    • Personnel authorization and registration
    • Central data recording with long-term archiving